My Favorite Word

From all the data I have collected from dictionaries let me explain a little about my favorite word,Labyrinth, a complicated or tortuous arrangement, as of streets or buildings. Some call it a maze. Well, I think it is a unended maze. Oh Yes! that’s what my head comes across with this Dark giant word. For Me, everyone has their own labyrinth. People are stuck in the mysterious world of their own. Sometimes they can’t accept the reality but yes they are trapped.

Labyrinth is a weird puzzle, a little glimpse of light makes them believe that the other end , happiness, is near. But again pulls them back on the lost track which is gloomy track taking the hopes back from them. Who knows where this struggle ends, who knows how long will it take, who knows if there is an end.

Who knows?

But I know I love this word as it explains all.


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