A new task

From my last post, you have an idea now about the struggle my mind fairies are going through. So, what just clicked my mind, hmmm just means here around 1 min ago. Let’s write a story… Wow isn’t it excited ?

Or Not?

I think I should go with it . I should write a short story. Let’s explore the world of my imagination.┬áLet’s do it.

So many “Let’s” high on motivation.19747677182_c2e176f53a_z


Woman in search

So it’s 7:21 in the morning and I am all up like an owl. Well! that is what they call me. So all night my mind was mostly occupied by the question that what is the purpose of my life? why I am not using this life properly? why I find happiness in others? not only in people but places, occasions , work and now in my little tiny miny cat.

Oh God! who knew someday I will find myself again in such a labyrinth.21008495281_1712414e24_m